Jan Rae Tango Dance prints
“There are moments in the dance that hint of a sublime connection which take us away from
the ordinary life.”
The vignettes show the tango salons in Buenos Aires in a playful way; and in the Embrace series
the gold acts as a foil for the depth of emotion. The other paintings have layers which delve into
the intricacy of the dance."
Tango Paintings by Jan Rae
Jan Rae, well known Australian artist, is offering for the first time, a series of limited edition
fine art prints of her tango paintings. Many of these tango paintings have been exhibited in
Sydney, Brisbane, New York Buenos Aires and Byron Bay.
They can be purchased as individually signed and numbered, limited edition
quality fine art prints. They are printed on archival quality German etching paper.
A tango dancer herself, Jan Rae travels regularly to Buenos Aires to dance; she teaches tango
and organises tango social events.
Jan Rae’s tango paintings are popular with dancers and non dancers alike.